A cultural cuisine renowned for its unique yoghurt, yoghurt based dips, gourmet cheeses and desserts.

Originating from the Middle East, the family brought with them two generations of dairy know-how & expertise. Combining traditional methods with a modern twist, the company now produces traditional distinctive country style yoghurts that has body, different texture and deep flavour, as well as cheeses & labneh just to name a few. The modern twist is the gourmet yoghurt, smoothies, rice puddings, gourmet white cheeses & dips alike.

Ultimate Dairies is a family owned Australian company which provides premium quality gourmet dairy products, both dessert & savoury throughout Australia.

The concept of Ultimate Dairies started from humble beginnings by my father Ibraham Abou-Chedid some 40 years ago. It was his passion & expertise in this industry which led him to begin producing on a very small scale in early 1970. He was happy to make enough product to sell to friends and a handful of corner shops, just enough to support his small family.

As dairy was a part of my child hood I decided to follow in my fathers' footsteps & continue the family tradition but on a slightly larger scale. In 1993 from a small shop front, in Croydon Park, I took the opportunity and started manufacturing dairy products with my father by my side. He was my teacher my mentor and my aspiration. Having a unique product of premium quality in a niche market made our business grow rapidly through word of mouth, and within a year we had outgrown the premises and had to relocate. In 1994 with my fathers' blessing I took over manufacturing the products and continued to grow & develop new lines.

In 1996 we were nominated for the Multicultural Small Business Awards and with great pride were awarded 1st prize. That same year we had an editorial in the BRW Magazine, this made me realise that I must be doing something right. From there I excelled in the art of making different types of cheeses & yoghurts and my passion was unstoppable.

Some 40 years on, the student has become the master at his craft. Now that my boys have become young men, having inherited my passion and drive, want to continue a fifth generation of manufacturing dairy products. In order to stay competitive we have to be innovative and driven, coming up with new, natural & healthy product lines evolving with the ever-changing tastes within the Australian culture. This we achieve by working as a team, putting ideas forward and respecting each others position within the company.

We believe innovation coupled with passion, hard work, ambition & expertise is a recipe for growth development & success. Our goal is to continue growing developing new products & giving consumers the healthiest most natural dairy products available on the market to date. Branded dairy food service includes, varied styles and textures of yoghurts, a range of white cheeses both soft & semi firm and a variety of labneh to name a few.