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The Olive & Feta Dip from the Ultimate Dairies range is the perfect dip for any occasion I entertain a lot, and after every pre-drink nibbles or Sunday BBQ, I get asked, 'Katherine, what was that dip?!'
Katherine - Ultimo, NSW

I'm a self-confessed health freak, and I can't tell you how refreshing it is to find a product line that is genuinely natural. Unlike all the hyped-up, preservative-packed, chemical-fuelled 'diet foods' on the market, Ultimate Dairies only uses four ingredients, none of which end in 'larginylserine', which is nice.
Erin - Balmain, NSW
I absolutely love your Rice Pudding! It is tasty and so creamy. It comes in the perfect size pack for a delicious treat. I have tried it both cold and heated up and it is great either way. Thanks for making a great product, I will definitely be coming to visit soon so that I can buy some more!
Tara - Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, Sydney Olympic Park NSW
Being a full-time mum, it's hard sometimes to think up new recipes that are healthy, tasty AND entertaining for the kids. Ultimate Dairies and Bekaa fulfils these criteria (and more). I'm especially a fan of the Bekaa Natural Set Yoghurt it's a great substitute for sour cream (or on its own drizzled with honey), and the Ultimate Dairies Rice Pudding is everything you could ever want in a dessert (and more). Honestly the best Rice Pudding I have ever tasted, and probably the healthiest too.
Vicky - Five Dock, NSW
What a light & indulging guilt free fabulous dessert Ultimate Dairies rice pudding is!!. As far as i'm concerned it don't get any better than this. Only three natural ingredients & gluten free, so yummy & versatile. If only everything we ate was as healthy for you as Ultimate Dairies products are. Please don't ever stop making this dessert as i don't know what i could possibly replace it with ??. Ultimate Dairies others should take a page out of your book when they say all natural etc - "you rock".
Natalie - Leichhardt, NSW
One (hyphenated) word: Yo-Smoothie.
Franca - Gladesville, NSW
Ultimate Dairies Yo-Smoothie is the best! I wish they sold them at my school.
Matt - Hunters Hill, NSW
I think your Gourmet Fetta range of cheeses is superb. What a great twist on a classic.
Leslie - Hunters Hill, NSW
Ultimate Dairies gluten free Rice Pudding is lovely and creamy. A perfect treat!
Nicole - Sydney, NSW
It's fabulous to be able to indulge in a dessert without the added guilt of "hmmmm should I really be eating this?" That question doesn't even enter your mind with Ultimate Dairies rice pudding. With only three all natural ingredients, no additives and gluten free, it's so creamy, very refreshing and versatile. Eat it straight from the fridge or zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds so it's like eating velvety smooth indulgent custard ... yummmo!!
Jackie, Leichhardt, NSW
Ultimate Dairies and Bekaa, you've made my life so much easier with your Fetta and Olive dip and your Labni. The versatility of the Bekaa Labni is sensational this product is awesome and is a great substitute for sour cream for the healthy conscious like me. Add this to pumpkin soup, Mexican dishes like nachos, or create your own savoury dips. The Fetta and Olive Dip is so creamy and, smooth and is great on bruschetta with a drizzle of olive oil, or in stuffed mushrooms as an alternative to cream cheese . So often today products have a list of ingredients and additives that only a scientist or chemist would understand. I'm so glad I've discovered Ultimate Dairies that only use natural ingredients. Ultimate Dairies, you make eating not only pleasurable, but worry-free and guilt-free. I love your products.
Reece - Lidcombe, NSW
I bought your amazing Rice Pudding from Costco but I was wondering if you have any stockists around the Drummoyne area?
Melissa, Costco